Birmingham China Business Forum

The aim of BCBF is to encourage and build a mutual relationship between China and the Midlands Engine for business.

To do this we will collaborate with others to:

  • Build awareness of opportunities for business with China and break down some of the fears and myths by holding events to encourage  collaboration between businesses and share experiences.
  • Encourage all forms of inward and outward investment and provide opportunities for SMEs who can’t access the larger opportunities through other bodies.
  • Raise the wider Birmingham region’s profile within the UK as a place for the Chinese to do business and assist Chinese entrepreneurs integrate into the local business environment and local communities.
  • Furthering collaboration with and between further educational bodies on Chinese matters.
  • Encouraging Chinese students to participate in BCBF and the cultural integration of first, second and third generation Chinese students, professionals and businesses.


BCBF is managed by a core team consisting of:

Mr Bill Good, President

Ms Zo Hoida, Vice-President

Mr Mike Loftus, Vice-President

Mr. James Ng, Vice-President

Ms Angela Qi Huang, Vice-President

Ms Sophie Christopher-Bowes, Vice-President