Chinese Real Estate Investment into the Midlands

Birmingham, November, 2016

An audience of around 40 people with a mix of backgrounds from the professions, industry and post-graduate students to property entrepreneurs and developers attended a Birmingham China Business Forum event hosted by Weightmans on 3rd November 2016.


Three speakers gave interesting perspectives on the opportunities for property investment in the Midlands.

  • Richard Brown, former Development Director of Grand Central Birmingham, outlined where Birmingham is currently in relation to real estate investment and projects, and the opportunities for growth that exist.
  • Yifeng Li, a Chinese entrepreneur based 6 years in the UK, explained the reasons for property investment growth in China and gave insights as to why Chinese people like to invest in real estate in the UK.
  • Haydn Rogan, Tax Partner at Weightmans provided some valuable explanations as to what the relevant property taxes are in the UK, the recent changes made by the Government over the last 5 years or so and the reasons behind these.

For further details see report-on-china-business-event-3-11-16

For copies of the presentations: (1) the-midlands-investment-landscape  (2) chinese-real-estate-investment  (3) chinese-real-estate-investment-tax-changes


Connecting Birmingham Future and Chinese Future

Birmingham, May 2016


With the support of FleetMilne Property, about 40 young professionals from Birmingham Future and Chinese Future, together with some members of Birmingham China Business Forum, gathered together on 26 May 2016 for an evening of getting to know each other, making new friends and business networking.  A delicious buffet was provided by Chung Ying Central.

We want this to be the start of a great collaboration between Birmingham China Business Forum , Chinese Future and Birmingham Future.  A Facebook page has been set up (England China Business Forum) where further social interactions and networking can continue.  We will also be running further collaborative events in the future.


Collaboration – the Key to China Success

Birmingham, March 2016

The Birmingham China Business Forum (BCBF) chalked up another success with the announcement by members, Weightmans, of their role in the acquisition of a regeneration opportunity in Wolverhampton by a Chinese investor.

BCBF President, Bill Good, said ‘We believe very firmly, as of course do all serious observers, that China’s role in the world economy will continue to be of huge significance. If the opportunities are to be taken up by smaller businesses here (rather than just international giants) then the collaboration in terms of connections and insight will be vital. We have been delighted to facilitate this with this project for Weightmans.

The Wolverhampton project involves a Grade II listed building in a commanding position overlooking Queen Square in the heart of Queen street in Wolverhampton, and comprises a mix of retail units on the ground floor and office accommodation (with planning permission for a change to residential) above. The property has been acquired by the Liu family, a Chinese investor.

Bill Good went on to say, “Other successful examples of this collaborative work have included the delivery of training programmes for Chinese government officials and businesses, working with local development agencies in China and other intelligence sharing. Members of the network are currently investigating other business and investment including a range of education and cultural exchange activities.  We are always very keen to extend the network and bring in any other interested business.”

For further details on the Wolverhampton project please contact:  Zo Hoida (zo.hoida@weightmans.com)

Note: Birmingham China Business Forum is part of a wider network, the England China Business Forum (ECBF), dedicated to building better business links with China. The network was established in Birmingham in 2013 and runs an annual programme of events to foster and promote the interests of participants in growing business opportunities between UK and China.


ECBF Annual Dinner: China – The Opportunity for Greater Birmingham

Birmingham, January 2016

As 2016 began  with some concerns over the slowdown of the Chinese economy, the opportunities and risks for Birmingham was discussed during a joint event by the Birmingham Business Focus (BBF) and Birmingham China Business Forum (BCBF).  The event was held on 23rd January 2016 in the Birmingham Chinese Community Centre.BCBF BBF China Presentation

Dr Yeow Poon, the President of England China Business Forum (ECBF) and Chair of the Birmingham Chinese Community Centre, presented an overview of macro economic factors and suggested that although there will be some short term and possibly long term pain for some industries, there are other areas of potential growth.

Three areas were highlighted.  Firstly, even as manufacturing declined in China, the service industry has continued to grow and has overtaken manufacturing as a percentage of GDP.  Secondly, the online shopping market in China grew at an annualised rate of 42.7% in the last 5 years and is expected to continue growing.  Thirdly, China’s ambition to rebuild the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road will drive growth in Europe, Africa and Asia over the next 25 years.

The presentation was followed by a stimulating discussion and a Chinese meal provided by the Birmingham Chinese Community Centre.