Chinese Real Estate Investment into the Midlands

An audience of around 40 people with a mix of backgrounds from the professions, industry and post-graduate students to property entrepreneurs and developers attended a Birmingham China Business Forum event hosted by Weightmans on 3rd November 2016.


Three speakers gave interesting perspectives on the opportunities for property investment in the Midlands.

  • Richard Brown, former Development Director of Grand Central Birmingham, outlined where Birmingham is currently in relation to real estate investment and projects, and the opportunities for growth that exist.
  • Yifeng Li, a Chinese entrepreneur based 6 years in the UK, explained the reasons for property investment growth in China and gave insights as to why Chinese people like to invest in real estate in the UK.
  • Haydn Rogan, Tax Partner at Weightmans provided some valuable explanations as to what the relevant property taxes are in the UK, the recent changes made by the Government over the last 5 years or so and the reasons behind these.

For further details see report-on-china-business-event-3-11-16

For copies of the presentations: (1) the-midlands-investment-landscape  (2) chinese-real-estate-investment  (3) chinese-real-estate-investment-tax-changes